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Soccer has been around for such a long time within our community.  In the Fall of 2014 there were some changes that were made, Van Buren Community Soccer was discovered. 


This new league included new board members from the community, new ideas, new goals for the club, and we were able to bring back our Select program.  


Some of our goals that have bee achieved have been, receiving our 501c3, we are a Non Profit Organization, we were able to purchase new equipment for our coaches, our fields, and update the concession stand.  We started a select program for more advanced skilled soccer players at a low reasonable cost to our community parents.  Some of our coaches have obtained their License E and F Certificates.  This is a community based soccer program and we have kept our colors orange and black for this reason.  We have changed our logo to reflect "Pride" within the community.


We are thankful that we can keep kids playing soccer within our community and we would like to continue to bring players back!